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Mosmos Travel is built for travel professionals who want to do, be and achieve more. Run your operations seamlessly, collaborate with your team and get paid directly and instantly.

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Supercharge your operations. Delight your customers.

Mosmos Travel's robust tools help you streamline your operations and offer a remarkable customer experience to your clients.

One-click quotation, invoice and voucher generation

It's lightning-fast to generate quotations, invoices and confirmation vouchers. Share with your customers instantly on SMS and email.

Customise travel experiences

All your customers needs are unique, and we know that. You can tailor-make unique experiences for your customers at the click of a button. Meet their individual needs seamlessly.

Accept and monitor flexible payments

Accept and monitor flexible payments from your customers conveniently through M-Pesa, card or bank. Set schedules and reminders to help them stay on track with their payments.

Automate payment confirmations

Offer an unmatched customer experience. Your customers receive instant payment notifications on email and SMS. You no longer have to send receipts or payment confirmations manually, ever again.

Manage supplier payments

Log and manage all your supplier payments against your bookings and access full reports and statements in a click.

Reporting and analytics

Get actionable insight into every facet of your business process in a click so you can streamline your operations and make better, more informed decisions.

Without Mosmos Travel

A lot of paperwork and tedious spreadsheets
Disjointed payment process that makes it hard to track payments
Manual invoicing, receipts and payment statements
Internal data disorganisation

With Mosmos Travel

Easily access and generate customer, payments and supplier reports
Streamline all your payments made through M-Pesa, card, bank transfer, cash and cheque
Automatic invoice and receipt generation with instant customer notifications via SMS and email
Automated and detailed reports and analytics

No more paperwork. No more tedious spreadsheets!

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